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Is the U.S. stock market rigged?

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the current bull market on Wall Street, making it one of the longest and strongest in history. Yet U.S. stock ownership is at a record low and less than half of Americans trust banks and financial services. Some might argue with good reason. In the past few months, state and federal authorities have launched investigations into high frequency computerized stock trading that now controls more than half the market.

Good WLAN design means going beyond marketing hype

Wireless networking is a complicated beast, and the nuance that goes along with each installation is what keeps thousands of wireless LAN (WLAN) professionals employed. At the same time, it’s natural for all of us to want to adopt rules of thumb to guide our daily work. On my end, we design all of our WLAN spaces to adhere to Cisco’s VoIP wireless construct in 5 GHz as faithfully as we can (-67 RSSI cell edge, robust signal-to-noise ratio, proper cell overlap, etc.) while taking expected device counts and the desire to deploy low-power cells under consideration.

How to deal with workplace conflict

Personalities often clash when several people work together. When facing an issue, learn to appreciate team members for their contributions, not how they express themselves.

U.S. and Iran Unlikely Allies in Iraq Battle

BAGHDAD — With American bombs raining down from the sky, Shiite militia fighters aligned with Iran battled Sunni extremists over the weekend, punching through their defenses to break the weekslong siege of Amerli, a cluster of farming villages whose Shiite residents faced possible slaughter.

Kochs’ Network Wrestles With Expectations for Presidential Primaries

DALLAS — The network overseen by Charles G. and David H. Koch has knocked on the doors of a million voters this year, elbowed aside some of theRepublican Party’s top strategists and built one of the biggest fund-raising operations in politics.

Residency Questions Roil Senate Race in Louisiana

WASHINGTON — The embattled re-election campaign of Senator Mary L. Landrieu of Louisiana was damaged further on Friday by the revelation that she uses her parents’ home address to establish her residency in the state.

Ms. Landrieu, a Democrat whose campaign is one of a handful that could determine control of the Senate, is registered to vote at a home in New Orleans that is owned by her parents but lists her Capitol Hill home as her address in regulatory documents, The Washington Post reported based on the senator’s filings.

Today's Word is : Graft


  1. a bud, shoot, or scion of a plant inserted in a groove, slit, or the likein a stem or stock of another plant in which it continues to grow.
  2. the plant resulting from such an operation; the united stock andscion.
  3. the place where the scion is inserted.

Picture of the Day: Giant Bookcase Painted on Garage Door

Reddit user wootkatiee spotted this garage door painted like a giant bookcase in the Los Angeles neighbourhood of Hollywood Hills.

The garage door reminds me of a smaller version of the parking garage in downtown Kansas City.

Is Uber good for urban communities?

Last night, in the basement bar of a Harlem soul food restaurant, New York tech and social entrepreneurs gathered to air things out over two of the most talked-about issues in tech: Diversity and Uber.

Anamorphic Hand Sculpture by Jonty Hurwitz

In an ongoing series of anamorphic sculptures, artist Jonty Hurwitz (featured previously) creates distorted artworks can be seen ‘clearly’ when placed in front of a cylindrical mirror.