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Stephen Colbert drills VC Tim Draper about his ‘Six Californias’ plan (video)

When a billionaire venture capitalist comes up with a crazy plan to split California into six separate states, you may be intrigued enough to consult Wikipedia. But when that plan actually gets onto the ballot for the next California election, you await the hilarious reaction from Comedy Central’s Colbert Report.

Influencer Marketing 101: Building a Targeted Outreach List

It’s no secret that influencer endorsements are one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness and web traffic from new audiences. Better yet, when brands become associated with influencers, benefits like increased credibility and trust will allow for long-term relationships to be built with customers new and old. But how do you kick off your new influencer marketing initiative? A great way to start is by building a targeted influencer outreach list—and it only takes 3 steps.


The average conversion rate at US retailers lingers at 2.7%. And while 58% of these retailers are seeing conversion rate growth YOY, there remains an open question: are eCommerce professionals really focusing on the right growth tactics or are they missing the obvious? 

2014 The Best of the Email Swipe File

A swipe file is a record of your top-performing campaigns that you turn to for inspiration and ideas. It was this concept that inspired us to create the Swipe File on Pinterest, where every week we share the digital marketing campaigns that excite and impress us. Take a look around and we’re sure you’ll find some ideas that you’ll want to steal, test, and make your own.

7 Secrets for a Scannable Blog

You’ve got great content, but no one’s reading it.

What’s wrong?

In an era of short attention spans, scannability makes it easy for readers to find the information that they’re looking for on your blog, instead of moving on to a different website.

Golden States: What's Behind the Plan to Break Up California?

A Silicon Valley-based tech entrepreneur has a plan to fix all of California’s problems by dividing it up into six new states.

Golden States: What's Behind the Plan to Break Up California?

A Silicon Valley-based tech entrepreneur has a plan to fix all of California’s problems by dividing it up into six new states.

Instagram reveals Bolt photo messaging app by mistake — or not

It could be a classic “oops” moment — or a first step in a viral social campaign for an upcoming release of a Snapchat competitor.

A banner ad reading “Introducing Bolt – One tap photo messaging” has made an appearance within Instagram for Android. The fact that the “free” link only leads to a dead end in Google Play Store suggests that it wasn’t ready for release.